Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ITV performance encouraging & Big Idea #177 is Conditioning and conditioned reflexes

ITV Boss Crozier
Great news for ITV boss Adam Crozier that the profits are up 11% and what is particularly good news is  that non-advertising revenue is doing so well. ITV has for a long time despite some valiant efforts been a single revenue business which has been  beholden to the overall performance of the
advertising market, any move away from reliance on issues outside it's control will be welcomed by investors.

Big Idea number 177 is Conditioning and Conditioned Reflexes

The human being is an animal and subject to the rules that govern animals one of these is that of  Conditioning and Conditioned Reflexes - Ivan  Pavlov, what a great Russian name   (lived 1849 -1936) made an experiment, famous to many that showed how conditioning could cause a dog to salivate at the sound of a bell (the dog had been taught to expect food when the bell rang).
Reinforcement is also a noted method of changing behaviour by conditioning.

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