Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jools Kews the music and Idea 166 is Class

Kew That Music Jools
On Friday Evening we attended what is pretty much (For Jools Holland) becoming an annual event, his performance at the Kew (Gardens) Music festival - now some people like to spend whole weekends in fields in the British countryside for Debbie and me an evening is fine.
There are some pretty big names who play in the lovely gardens and I was a little ambivalent about an evening of Jools and I was pleasantly surprised by both him and his orchestra  - Jools had a number of soloists band vocalists that made for a varied 'fayre' these included Ruby Turner and my favourite for the evening the  former fine young cannibal Roland Gift - not so young but still noticeably fine in the vocal delivery department.
It really was a balmy evening on what's shaping up to be a scorcher of a summer.

Big Idea 166 is Class (as in upper class etc.)

It is often somewhat mistakenly thought that only the British are concerned with class, the breakdown in Britain is pretty rudimentary compared to the subtleties of the Indian Caste system or the unspoken of elitism of the French upper classes.
For a detailed analysis of Class Max Weber the German Philosopher is the go to guy (in line with thoughts of one Karl Marx). Alternatively you can take the message from the sketch below.

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