Sunday, July 21, 2013

Count Arthur, Cherries and Cucumbers along with idea #169 which is Crime

On the radio (BBC Radio 4 and then 4 Extra)  I greatly enjoyed listening to the comedy programme Count Arthur Strong and we even went as far as seeing Count Arthur on Stage (not actually that far) in Richmond on Thames.
The Count
My Cherry
Having seen the TV programme which started the other week I am (so far) a little disappointed - the comedy has been broadened and the son of a previously unmentioned double act partner has been added as a device into The Count's history.
Somewhat surprisingly (to me) the addition of Graham Linehan (IT crowd and Father Ted) has so far not paid dividends in the Chuckle department.

Cornucopia of vegetables and Fruit

My Cucumber
Some time nearly every day this week I've spent an hour ore so watering, Tomatoes, Peppers and brassicas seem to just drink up the litres - and of course the Gourd families' fruit is pretty much constituted by H2O.
As you can see the attention is creating some effect and that is not the only Cucumber or Cherry I've got to show for my efforts.

Apples too are looking promising and I can even see a couple of pears but these are at present rather slight.

Big Idea 169 is Crime

I looked up Crime and found it defined as
An action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.
Some crimes are pretty much accepted as being without merit and are defined similarly throughout the world's societies - Murder and theft are examples, others are more a construct of modern times and behaviour - here the example given is the relatively new 'insider trading'.
There are said to be victimless crimes, and arguments can be made that if you are the only person suffering (yourself) then it is not necessarily the states job to punish you.
Suicide was a crime in England until 1961 - perhaps seems bizarre now?

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