Friday, July 05, 2013

Breaking Bounds show and big idea #158 is Development

At the Crypt
One of the works
Last night I visited the CityLit Sculpture exhibition Breaking Bounds at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church Euston Road.
The exhibition showcased the work of 16 artists from the 2nd year of their   sculpture course.
The atmosphere was friendly with drinks and nibbles and many proud friends and family guests enjoying the occasion.
 You can see the works and artists here - what was interesting for me was the imagination  shown and in some cases the hard work and practiced technique - the space was also intriguing.
I am taking part in a short practical course in just over a week where I'll need to create a work  and I need to start thinking of ideas that are original and that it is possible to produce.

Today's big idea is Number 158 -  Development

When a country moves to industrialised status it is in the development phase- while one fifth of the nations are termed developed there are a further three fifths that are in the process of developing, the remainder are still in poverty. Part of the problem for the poorer nations is debt which makes it difficult for them to progress.

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