Saturday, July 06, 2013

Thirsty plants and Idea #159 is Globalisation (or should that be Globalization?)

This hot weather has meant that I'm spending a fair bit of time watering..
Give me water.
On Friday I planted some lettuces, not really sure how much I'm getting out of lettuce growing - they're all ready at the same time and not incredibly exciting -The Kohlrabi and turnips are battling to survive and Courgettes and their associates drink water like  fish.

Big Idea Number 159 is Globalisation

We have seen Globalisation  rapidly change the world in recent years with the freeing of markets and removal of barriers to trade between different parts of the world.  The trading and empire building of past centuries means that nations have traded with one another allowing 'developed' countries to pursue new markets for their industrialised goods while importing from some areas raw materials (and in the case of slavery labour).

Globalisation is like so many other paradigms a two edged sword we enjoy some aspects of the changes the increase in Globalisation has brought but regret others - for me for example
I enjoy the diversity of eateries from around the world that can be experienced in London.
I am impressed by  the wide range of music that can be experienced from other cultures
I regret the cultural homogeneity that means so many towns and cities have KFC and McDonalds.
I worry that many low 'value' (economically) jobs are being carried out by immigrants in the UK.

Here's a video that covers some of the topic.

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