Friday, July 26, 2013

Googles TV Dongle and Big Idea #173 is Perception and Sensation

Chromecast is the latest TV gizmo for your living room telly to take stuff from the internet.
I said Clone not Clown
So after many attempts Google have not given up but produced another entry into the Internet TV application niche - and it might just have got a winner.
Price point is always key and the UK price when it becomes available here  would look to hit the sub £30 slot which is low enough to be an impulse buy for most families - the other thing it needs to be is simple and universal with its direct connection to an available HDMI slot on the family telly and being compatible with all sorts of operating systems it seems to score there too.
The content looks to be  okay mainly youtube and Netflix (there was briefly a free promotion with Chromecast  in the USA) which is probably acceptable - it'll be interesting to see what the completion does and how far away the clones are - it is only able to take content from the 'cloud' so stuff on your PC won't be available for playback.

Perception and Sensation - the latest big idea -number 173

Sounding like an art exhibition today's topic is all about Perception and Sensation  - the sensation part is about how our senses bring the outside world to us and the perception is about the interpretation we make of these sensory inputs.
Crofton notes the effect of Optical illusions which exploit  how the mind can work on filling in gaps using previous experiences.

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