Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Modern Employers - and Idea #165 is Myth

Drinks Giant
Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to visit the HQ of one of the FTSE top companies, the top world drinks company that was only named and formed in 1997 (from other existing hospitality giants).
The hospitality was great and although the company being in Park Royal is somewhat away from the town centre it has great views particularly of Wembley Football ground and on a hot summers evening it was nice to see a large corporate office again.
As well as seeing rooms themed on global drinks (anyone for a meeting in the Bailey's?) I was reminded of the challenge that all successful global companies and their staff face - how can costs be cut? (relocate to an out-of -town industrial estate that will add hours to most employees  weekly commute), how can we maximise our global presence ?(JVs and takeovers).
How can we prepare for new markets? (constant reorganisation).
The sad thing is that to ensure that challenges are met people are increasingly stressed and carry with them personal offices and baggage (of both kinds).

Big Idea number 165 is Myths

Leading on from the  branding (and the 'rituals' of the last entry) is an idea that is central to the creation of such names as Moet and Chandon, Guinness and |Captain Morgan it is the distillation  of a 'myth' the idea for Captain Morgan for example of a romantic pirate and drinker who bequeathed a great rum.
In fact myths are used not just by those selling us drinks but also by politicians and tribal leaders, events in history become a narrative for a nation be it Dunkirk or Hiroshima- Making Myths even has a term mythopoeia and myths around the creation of the universe are known as cosmogonies.
And then of course there are the urban myths..

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