Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saatchi Paper revisited (and Richard Wilson), Idea #161 is Sociology

Charles Saatchi
As Kevin G was staying with us for a couple of days it was an ideal opportunity to (again) visit the Saatchi Gallery - say what you like about Charles he has created something which is interesting and stimulating.

Paper is the big theme at the Gallery at the moment but I had to spend (more) time looking at the constantly fascinating Richard Wilson Sump Oil I suppose part of this is as a result of my first encounter being one where I totally missed it - this is a bit more about it

Big Idea  Number 161 is Sociology (Topic Society)

Ok so we've moved from Economics and are looking at stuff under the 'Society' umbrella.
Now regarded as a Social Science (neither Social nor science??) it's a great discipline and I got a book on it just the other day (What is Sociology? by Alex Inkeles).
It is the science or study of the origin, development, organisation, and functioning of human society; the science of the fundamental laws of social relations, institutions, and so on.
Auguste Comte coined the term and the subject was further honed and developed by Weber and Durkheim - here's a nice straightforward explanation.

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