Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plantings and new topic in the big ideas is #171 Psychology

Last Plantings?

It's a bit hot and dry for me!
So the weather remains exceptional and I've been grateful for the moisture that the recent thunderstorms have imparted.
When I can I've been taking out some weeds and yesterday I picked a fair sized cucumber and brought home more Courgettes and Onions (to dry out) - sad to report that Pak Choi does not like this very hot weather and has 'bolted' advice from the web is that it doesn't really appreciate very hot weather - so have decided to try and sow a further crop, also planted some more carrots.
Artichokes are also suffering and looking sorry for themselves many dead leaves already.

Early Potatoes are now looking like they'll soon be ready to be pulled up and main crop not too far behind.

New Topic -Big Idea Number 171 is Psychology

Crofton has a new topic on page 350 of his book and it's (of course) an interesting one.
In 1879 Wilhelm Wundt founded a research laboratory at the University of Leipzig to study what is now know as Psychology.
Wundt was able to teach a number of students in a scientific  way about the behaviour of the mind, these students became a critical mass in the new discipline which continued to develop after his death.
Like so many of the sciences the fields has widened and deepened and specialisms include Clinical Psychology and Occupational Psychology which is the application of psychology within work and business.
Have a look at this as an intro..

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