Thursday, July 25, 2013

"And in the end" along with idea #172 which I recall is Memory

This wouldn't make an album cover
I discovered a really interesting 'deconstruction of the Beatle's Sgt Pepper opening track - not exactly sure how it was located but it is quite fascinating- check it out

So are the Beatles the best group ever?
And what is/was their best Album?

For me the answers are 'Yes' and 'Abbey Road', so am quite looking forward to the CityLit course on 7th August which is called  "And in the end: The Beatles' Abbey Road" described as a close study of the Beatles’ final studio album Abbey Road. it seeks to explore what it says musically, culturally and spiritually about the end of the 1960s.
Would recommend CityLit for both it's courses and the overall ethos which is very welcoming.

Big Idea 172 is Memory

Under the umbrella of Psychology Crofton chooses Memory as a big Idea - what is memory is it the functional aspect of our cognitive being which allows us to function?
We may have forgotten where we put the keys (or have we?) we may suffer from degenerative disease which see us lose our memories as we get older but is the memory something more than a somewhat high calibre biological memory stick stuck in our heads.
Marcel Proust wrote of the evocation a cake could bring (a Madeleine)  and the triggers that can take us back are manifold.
The function of memory can be described as follows
registration - where the event is logged to the mind
retention - the storage of the event
recall - the accessing of the event from the memory.

An idea is that all is remembered but not necessarily recalled and the idea of a photographic memory is well documented.
Here are some facts you might like to memorise..

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