Friday, May 31, 2013

Gardenskill fruit cage erection and Big idea 134 is Secularism versus Theocracy

My fruit cage in situ'
Some time ago it struck me that my soft fruit would get eaten by birds before I got a chance to enjoy it, so in the depths of winter I ordered a fruit cage from Gardenskill Ltd (via Amazon), today I found it really was easy to put up and immediately ordered a second one as I've got more soft fruit than I realised. it might be more difficult to pack it away but there is a youtube which might just help.

Crofton's big Idea 134 is Secularism versus Theocracy

This could be portrayed as all religions treated equally versus on religion being given supremacy by the sate and the state following the 'Rule of God' with the clergy being in government (the sort of thing that Iran is accused of).
It was traditional for rulers typically Kings and Queens to claim a lineage to God (or a god) and their claims to ruling and leading the nation were thus divine, during the reformation this was disputed and with the break between the English Royalty (the multiple marrying King Henry VIII) and the Catholic church of Rome this became more difficult to justify.
The English Church or the Church of England still holds a privileged position and holds seats in the House of Lords as well as having schools affiliated to it, this is not the position in other Western democracies like France and US where there is a clearer division and a secular state.
Here's an explanation of the break.

Some modern Philosophers (I'm not sure if Alain de Botton should be described as this) wish to see non religious 'churches' and other items associated with religion become secularised.

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