Friday, May 17, 2013

Mustard and Cress now ready - idea #124 is Socialism

Planting and eating

Planting out Courgettes

First of 2013
Well I've experienced Courgette overload and learnt that 2 plants should be enough for most families - nevertheless I'm probably going to have about 4 plants on the go - here are the first two (right).

Mustard and Cress ready for eating so home made egg mayo sandwich was lunch today (it was okay too).

Big Idea 124 is Socialism

Socialism is about the fight for Social Justice (and perhaps a better fairer world?).
Socialism covers a broad spectrum of political thought from Democratic social democracy to the far left, it was created as a result of the changes to industry (mechanisation etc.) and the  movement of agricultural peasants to the cities who became subject to the exploitation of Capitalists.
Socialists ultimately believe in equality throughout the world and see benefits to collective action.
Some in the Socialist movement believe that a Socialist state is a step towards the goal of  reaching a communist state and are inspired by people like Karl Marx.

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