Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art part 2 (Tate Modern) and big idea #132 is Feminism

Tate Modern

Following the OPEN Ealing Modern art session on Monday I went to look at works by George Braque and his cubist twin Pablo Picasso the pictures I saw were  Church of Carrieres St Denis (1909) by Braque  and Picasso's "Seated Nude" and Bowl of Fruit Violin and Bottle (1914)
I also saw another example of cubism by the artist  Natalia Goncharova the Russian Cubist who was married to Alexander Pushkin the work by her was Linen (1913).

I also saw a work by Kandinsky called  Swinging (1925)

Other retrospectives showing there are by 2 women artists:

1) Saloua Raouda Choucair - (there's a good background on this artist from The Independent newspaper here)  loking at her work which was varied including 3 dimensional stuff as well as paintings I had to ask what Gouache is (it's a type of paint).

2) Ellen Gallagher- (nice Guardian newspaper interview here).

Not by Ellen

Some of her works used plasticine  the ones  around Ebony and other magazine sampling  reminded me of the  album cover art for The Rolling Stones' Some Girls which was designed by Peter Corriston (this in turn reminded me that Album covers were often great vehicles for art).

I also noted a dramatic work by Alfredo Jaar  take a look here at a video of the kinetic work  Lament of the images and then see an explanation here

Big Idea 132 Feminism

Apparently Feminism is a belief  around Women having the same rights as men and the idea was put around as early as 1792 by  Mary Wollstonecraft in a vindication on the rights of woman.
The suffragette movement of the early 20th century secured women's voting rights. In the 1960s women such as Simone de Beauvoir were influential in further progress, but many would argue that the rights are still unequal.
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