Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Art at OPEN Ealing and Idea # 131 is Green Politics

Last night part 3 of the Modern Art course moved on covering more 'isms' and various groups...

Although Expressionism is associated with Germany it is perhaps more accurately European and indicates a move away from a mainly Parisian based centre for the art world.
The subject matter remained engaging and questions continue to pop into my head, why did Edvard Munch (Norwegian) paint the Scream so often? (four  times and it is recognised by the influential Art Museum director  Martha Tedeschi as one of the four iconic 'figurative' images best able to communicate an emotion).

Fauvism (Fauves is the French for wild beasts) followed on from impressionism and is characterised as using  wild brush work and strident colours, the big names in the movement were Henri Matisse
Inspired by El Greco?
and André Derain.

Fauvism is closely linked/ is a branch of Expressionism, important Expressionists included Egon Schiele an Austrian protégé of Klimt, Franz Marc who had a group (of artists), whose name was perhaps inspired by one of his works-The Blue Riders (The painting being the blue horses)
Early Picasso Cubism
The thing that blew apart the world of Expressionism was the work of then experimental Pablo Picasso and his painting rather delicately known as 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon' which fired the starting shots of the Cubist movement.
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon is a much studied work and some of its roots can be traced to
Matisse's  Bonheur de vivre (joy of life) and  El Greco's - opening of the fifth Seal but there are other influences too like the tribal masks of Africa.
An artist who also took part  in  the development of Cubism was George Braque who is often overlooked.


Idea 131 is Green Politics

Following the growth in Environmentalism (Idea 130) there has been the formation of political parties espousing policies that champion renewable energy, cuts in pollution and preservation of the planet, in some countries they have even become part of government.
Brighton's Green MP
In the UK the Green party got its first elected  MP in Brighton in 2010.
On many issues the Green party is considered leftist but the Conservatives (and others on the right)have also expressed interest in the 'Green' agenda.

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