Friday, May 03, 2013

Non Magic Mushrooms and Idea #113 is Collectivism versus Individualism


in the dark and fed with s*** etc
As I continue to be seduced by nearly every seed packet I come into contract with it seems almost inevitable that I'll try my hand at mushroom growing (Wilko White Button).
Having looked at the instructions on the packet I have ended up going somewhat my own way - we'll see in 20 or so days if there's anything to show for the effort.
Mushrooms it seems provide loads of health benefits.

#113 Collectivism versus Individualism

Idea 113 looks at the tension between Collectivism and Individualism, those favouring the group, state or society at large would fall under the umbrella of Collectivism, this though I feel is not the flavour of the day and we live in a time of not just i-phones and i-Pads but are also all about the i-ndividual. Collectivism is not solely a position of the left but in Hitler's Germany the society was a collective one.
The European state (particularly the social democratic versions) emphasise rights and responsibilities allowing personal freedoms but privileging too  the state's role in protecting the less fortunate with adequate social provisions.   In the USA there is a deeply held belief in individual freedoms and a 'smaller' state.
Ludwig von Mises (1881- 1973) was an Austrian philosopher who was  critical of Collectivism, here's a commentary on his position.