Thursday, May 16, 2013

View of The Shard and idea #123 is Libertarianism

Yesterday had a jolly time in town meeting a couple of friends and also made a quick visit to the National Gallery and Tate Modern - here's a view of the Shard from the Tate Modern bar/café - am advised that the views are good and might be worth taking the trip to the viewing gallery.

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Idea number 123  is Libertarianism

What is libertarianism?

Well a definition of a Libertarian is   "One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state."

So actually the clue is in the world it is actually about Liberty (and freedom perhaps).

The explanation here is worth looking at too.
The first known libertarian (some say) was the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, who lived around the sixth century B.C. as he said “Without law or compulsion, men would dwell in harmony.”

If you're interested in the topic of Libertarianism take a look here

I suppose my initial feeling was that libertarians are perhaps dangerous but in fact if we look into it to a reasonable  extent it is about taking responsibility for their own actions, it could be that a libertarian society is a utopian one.

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