Friday, May 24, 2013

Art (part 2) and Idea number 128 is Anarchism

Hacking a young man to death  - surely this is the sort of action that by interpretation makes no sense, when people attribute acts without humanity to god  it surely mean that there is no (sane) way to justify it..

The terrible incident in Woolwich is difficult to comprehend, how can one reconcile the behaviour displayed with any religious faith?
What is the logic or emotion that would cause people to act in this way?
As I heard the point of Terrorism is of course to cause terror, will it be effective? Well strangely there was some amazing behaviour by people there especially the three women mentioned here.
In fact David Cameron could be right in claiming that this sort of action does not create the effect that the terrorists desire.
More details are beginning to emerge of the guy who was seen in most News bulletins but the triggers that made him act as he did are going to be more difficult to come to understand and even harder to come to terms with.

OPEN Ealing Art course

Hokusai's Great Wave
Monday was session 2 of the OPEN Ealing Art course and very illuminating too including the idea of the appropriation of elements from  an outward looking Japan of  the 19th Century along with the emergence of reliable photography as a means of pictorial record.
The fact that Vincent Van Gogh was a collector of Japanese prints adds powerfully to this narrative.
If you're interested in the course (11 more sessions to go) it runs on Monday evenings (7:00 to 9;00 PM) at Open Ealing's Pop up shop here and costs only £10 per session.

Big Idea number 128 is Anarchism

Great catchphrase
Anarchism should not be confused with Nihilism, it is about small groups (and individuals) taking responsibility for the common good (rather than large statist bodies running people's lives).

The French Socialist Philosopher Proudhon once a friend of Karl Marx was an influential figure in the formation of anarchist thinking.
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