Saturday, June 01, 2013

A great Pub, Ealing's Village Inn and Idea number 135 is Hierarchy

Nice Pub
Many years ago one of the first pubs I knew to get a radical makeover was The Grange on Ealing Common, it had been a cross between the bat cave and a gothic bikers hangout but it became a victim of gentrification and got comfy chairs and bookcases thanks to a Mr Duffy (the manager at the time).
After a while Tom Duffy moved onto his own place in  Pitshanger  Lane ( rather appropriately known as Duffy's (a great Pub too) after a while Tom Moved on to Northfields Avenue and got another pub T J Duffy's near the Underground station.

Well to cut to the chase, today we went to a Pub  now called The Village Inn which is what the first Duffy's has become and it's a great little Pub, nice sandwiches, good selection of beer and wine and various modern accoutrements that are expected   by the 231st century pub goer (like Wi-Fi).
If you're in the area and have some time to chill I'd recommend it.


Big Idea 135 is  Hierarchy.

The man for the job
Crofton says that Hierarchy (and inheritance to privileged status)  are generally associated with the political  right  (and North Korea) and are used to protect the status quo and hereditary principle.
Conservatives can use arguments about being born for power certainly the case can be made that Queen Elizabeth II's son Charles has spent his life being prepared to take the throne.
In times gone by  it was often the case that the elite ruled via blood lines and the systems of peerage in the UK is a classic example. Against this the argument of hierarchy is that  it  has been used to instil discrimination (including favouring the male offspring) and even atrocities when elites have fought to protect their 'god given' place at the top.

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