Sunday, May 12, 2013

Make it Ealing, Co-Op Bank troubles and Idea #120 is Racism


There's been much talk of the death of the local High Street as we all either make the big ticket purchases online or head out for the destination shopping venues (like Bluewater and Westfield for example). In Ealing as in many other shopping centres a fight back is being attempted seeking to
differentiate what is on offer using non-chain retailers and making a virtue of the independents. A loyalty card has been created that (of course) awards points as you spend money, time will tell on the results- if you're interested take a look at the site here.

CO-OP Bank in trouble

A few Posts back I was in mixed minds about the future of the CoOp bank and the news out now is showing things are not too good (but seem to be okay for the departing boss).
 I'm not alone on worrying about the prospects of the high street institution and perhaps even more significant than my worries are the worries of the Co-Op itself. The  Britannia deal made a few years back brought them a rather unhealthy mix of mortgage debt
and there are now questions about how ethical it can afford to be- as the ethical tinge is what differentiates  the Co-Op bank from others it would perhaps be a mistake to ditch this element.

Idea number 120 is Racism

We're into a series of  'isms' from Crofton's Big Ideas and this one is in our liberal times is a pretty  contentious idea..
Racism follows on (somewhat) from Social Darwinism and the belief would be that Races are not only different but some are superior to others.
The Eugenics which had an almost respectable following in the first part of the 20th Century was stripped of all credibility by the Nazi regime  that held power in Germany in the 30s and 40s and sought a final solution to the existence of Jewish and Slavonic peoples (as well as many other disparate groups)
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