Monday, May 27, 2013

The invisible man and Big Idea 130 Environmentalism

The invisible man -

saw him just the other day by the famous St Paul's Cathedral

I'm looking through you



130 Environmentalism

Rachel Carson
From Crofton I learn that this is somewhat strangely a relatively new idea arising partly from the romantic movement of the late 18th/early 19th Centuries.
Poets such as Wordsworth  re-evaluated the countryside and nature looking at it against the industrial cities and pollution that manufacturing was producing.
John Muir was a Scottish born American  whose  early pioneering of rural preservation culminated in the US forest conservation policy.
In the UK bodies like the National Trust worked to preserve large areas of natural land.
Modern Environmentalism was given a shot in the arm in 1962 by Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring which described how DDT entered the food chain and accumulated in the fatty tissues of animals, including human beings, and caused cancer and genetic damage, sadly Carson died at the age of 56 of breast cancer.
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