Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Diabetes testing and Big Idea #125 Communism

Medical Trials

Diabetes is a really big worldwide medical problem, to a certain extent a condition of the sedentary lifestyle and over indulgent eating historically it has been prevalent in the west but is now increasingly seen in the developing world.
I was invited for screening for medical trials to find out if Propionate (details here) might be beneficial in the reduction of diabetes ,
The screening involved checking:

ECG for which I had to have part of my chest hair shaved (for the first time) and which still itches a bit.

BMI which is the relationship between height and weight.
Body Fat which is measured by electrical conductivity.

I also had a  blood sample taken to check cholesterol and blood glucose, ultimately I was not of the right characteristics for the trial but the screening was an  interesting experience, results generated if they had been of concern would have been forwarded to my GP if you get the chance to do such properly conducted trials (this was under the auspices Imperial College London)  of  I would suggest you consider it.


Big Idea  number 125 is Communism

Communism is all about property being held in common.

Although I did not register it myself  ahead of reading Crofton it seems that Communism pre-dates the Marxist view of history and does in fact go back a few centuries (some commentators cite 17th Century experiments around the time of the English Civil War). And even earlier than this  Communism is linked to Utopia by Thomas More.
Socialism is meant to be the state of society ahead of the purer communism which historical Marxists believe will evolve from socialist states, this has not yet occurred and we do not have experience of large scale communist societies.

I still love the 'joke' about the definition of a communist...

Someone who has nothing and wants to share it with you.

More on Marxism soon...

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