Sunday, May 05, 2013

Idea 114 is Utopianism

Mustard and Cress

I suppose this is probably the first horticultural experience many of us have - not too sure why the ideal medium is considered to be a flannel, would think that compost has always been cheaper and more suitable.
Hopefully Mustard and Cress has some health benefits too, this site gives some indications of some foods that are said to provide extra nutrients.

Dead Man Down

Yesterday we went to see the new film Dead Man Down, that is the first Hollywood blockbuster from Danish writer/director Niels Arden Oplev, for me an  enjoyable film and although very much in the action genre it has a certain European sensibility which provides more depth then many films that are produced by the big studios.
I reckon that both Colin Farrell (an Irish Man playing a Hungarian) and Noomi Rapace (a Swedish woman playing a French character)  put in pretty good performances. Plenty of action and I only closed my eyes very briefly.


Utopianism is a belief in an ideal society which follows on from Thomas More's use of the term 'Utopia' which  he gave to an ideal and imaginary island nation.

This idea of a Utopian state or society has been used in many fictional works both in a positive portrayal  like that of William Morris's News from Nowhere  and darker works like that of  Aldous
Huxley's Brave New World .

Although actual large scale realisations like the  Communist states in the USSR and China have not ended well smaller versions of Ideal communities have been more successful these include  the Scottish New Lanark experiment and the Kibbutzs of Israel.

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