Saturday, December 01, 2012

Toilets on TV and #11 Metaphysics

Toilet Man -Ifor ap Glyn
Yesterday via the magic of BBC iplayer I watched a great BBC 4 TV programme about toilets, amidst all the furore against the BBC and worries over the media intrusion it's easy to forget that TV can actually be enjoyable and tell you things didn't know.
So what does the Levenson enquiry tell us about media regulation? One key aspect we can ascertain is that there is no easy to striking a balance between a free 'press/broadcast media' and to respecting public figures.
In truth most people think that dodgy vicars, politicians and media figures who fall out of West End night clubs are fair game to having their lives revealed (and are of interest).
Admittedly the Saville nonsense was not revealed by  Sunday papers but perhaps we should make it easier for such scandals to be made public? In fact the media is already subject to the law of the land and as phone hacking is illegal retribution/punishment can follow.
There is for me a fear that those in positions of responsibility and or power use (already) mechanisms to hush up what they do not want to be public  - Like this guy I'm for a free(ish) media!

Today is Number 11 Metaphysics

Now you might have thought that Love, Nature and History were too important for such brief summaries but that's nothing (?) compared to Metaphysics. (Meta Physics meaning literally Beyond Physicality) Metaphysics can be as the philosophical study of being and knowing - and as you reflect on this I'm sure you'll realise this is quite a tall order!