Sunday, December 30, 2012

Life of Pi and Allotment shed intruders

On Friday we went to Richmond and visited the Odeon there to see 3D Life of Pi, having read the Yann Martel book a few years ago and being greatly impressed with the story I was most intrigued to see how Ang Lee would visualise  what is a to all intents and purposes a very challenging cinematic project. The news is that it is very loyal to the book and a great triumph. I'm still slightly puzzled by the conclusion I should draw from it. I'm not sure how much the 3D added to the enjoyment but I did enjoy some of the 'tricks' it allowed (things coming out of the screen as you might expect).

 New Hasp
So around this time last year the allotment site where my plot is was robbed of various copper and metal fittings this Christmas we had our sheds broken into again (I  lost a few bits and pieces this summer too) nothing notable taken but damage to shed again and others nearby - not sure what the answer is -might be easier to leave it open but the risk then is of people sleeping there or youngsters using garden tools for untoward purposes- some points on the problem  here. I've fitted a new hasp hopefully there won't be too much damage next time it's broken into!