Monday, December 17, 2012

New Wagamama in Ealing to Open on 20th December

William's, Bond Street 
It's coming up to Christmas and perhaps given the economic climate it's a little surprising but there's a glut of new eateries that we need to get around to sampling. After what seems forever Maria has sold the Chinese restaurant (Premier Peking) in the Avenue W13  it's had a bit of a revamp and is now open for business (below).

Now it's Cafe Nero
And just up from the new Mexican is Wagamama's (described some places as Japanese?)  which will be giving competition to the excellent (and good value) Hare and Tortoise and the pricier Tuk Cho 
Happy Eating peeps.

The Bond Street that lies at the heart of Ealing has been home to many restaurants from Japanese to Nando's (with plenty in between) -the new kid on the block is William's. It looks as though it has a simple value menu with well priced house wine - expect a review soon.

Now of the coffee chains Nero is and has been my preferred choice for many years and they've now got an alternative to the premises opposite the town hall having taken over the sadly departed Café Chai (below left).

An example of the death of the local pub is the creation of a home for the chainsome Mexican ChimiChanga where was once a fairly lively pub (called the Three pigeons before Parkview  one  I think)

(ChimiChanga means deep fried burrito - which sounds slightly appealing).

Ealing's New Mexican atery

New Wagamama in Ealing to Open on 20th December