Thursday, December 06, 2012

John Lloyd makes bid to be BBC Comedy Controller? and #16 Identity

Last night was the London Section of the Royal Television Society's Christmas lecture and this year it took the form of a conversation between veteran comedy Producer John Lloyd and Anthony Wall the acclaimed series editor of the long running BBC's Arena strand. Two ex Cambridge boys of the club-able variety. Here's John at another event obviously  veteran of sharing his wisdom. I would have really like to hear him talk more  about the problems he had mentioned recently on Desert Island Discs where he spoke about mid career blues  where he was unsure what it was all about.
  There was  a theme running through their reminiscences and it was that there is now too little clarity within the BBC, this might be seen as a little like sour grapes as Lloyd is now required to 'pitch' to various figures he evidently has little respect for- times change and the new broom who brought us such fine diversions as not the 9 O'clock news and Blackadder (and now QI) is evidently unhappy with the structures that he must now navigate. Was I alone in detecting a small hat being thrown in the ring to champion new comedy at the BBC?
I was amused by John speaking about how he'd been hoping to talk with Princess Anne after a BAFTA award but this had been stymied by Rowan Atkinson who spent too long answering the question Anne posed to him 'which do you prefer Film or Videotape (Rowan's degree is in engineering).

And now Number 16 Identity

Identity in terms of philosophical questions asks us how we can recognise things as being the same through time - this can be a challenge- am I the same person I was 25 years ago, although much of my body has been replaced and my views and opinions have altered a common sense view will still identify me as Tim Bourne  similalry we can think about Trigger's Broom  conjured up in Only Fools and Horses (derived some say from the classic thought experimentr Ship of Theseus) or perhaps our old school when it has all different pupils, fresh teachers and a new campus? Is it still Socrates High School?
What is Identity then?
Good podcast on the subject of Personal Identity from Philosophy Bites people here.