Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thumbs up for Optical Express and # 22 Free Will

Westfield Skating Rink 
This morning having had a nice hot bath I went to wipe my spectacles clean and blow me down if they didn't split neatly in two across thew bridge - at times like this you go and find all the spare pairs that are stuck in various drawers and discover that they're either reading only (I'm used to varifocals) or that they are  tinted ones for the beach which make December very gloomy and me very posey.
So I called Optical Express (where I'd bought the glasses) and found they had no record of them, they advised me to go to Westfields White City outlet (where I'd bought them in April). When I found the shop I was expecting to have to pay loads of money and wait for a week or so -Imagine my incredible pleasure at the young woman there finding they'd got the frames in the shop and then proceeding to swap the lenses from the broken frame into the new frame all under the guarantee. That really is top service and am so please I've e-mailed their Customer Service!

And now Number 22 Free Will.

Free Will is a counterpoint to Determinism (some would say) and has a few interpretations,as you'd expect there's a lively debate (related to what the mind as opposed to the brain is too) if having listened to the Philosophy bites podcast with David Eagleman  you might want to reconsider your definition of free will.
On the podcast David spoke about Phineas Gage and also the case of a brain Tumour which altered a 40 year old man's attitude to his step-daughter (pressure exerted within the brain is thought to have created in him a  paedophiliac tendency).
This is significant in Determinism and free will, if the physical changes in the brain can alter behaviour is it right to punish them for the physical constitution of their brain? It is common to blame people for abhorrent crimes but perhaps they have 'no choice'.
If you have some time (about 8 minutes)  take a look at the Youtube