Saturday, December 08, 2012

Contrasting 3 firms and #18 Mind

So recently I've had the chance to interact with 3 or 4 firms and consider that most of them have some good points about them (excluding Carphone Warehouse who I find only good in that they reply to my letters).

1) Amazon - Amazon's star is undoubtedly in the ascendancy, it's been a slow burner but it's time has come.

Amazon scores by constantly outperforming it's promise, it says it will deliver by a certainday and it generally (in my experience) arrives early.
It's prices are reasonable and it has addressed the irritating postal charge issue. It's suggestions and reviews are good it is easy to purchase from.
The down side is that it's impersonal - nothing really indicates a human being, the only figure I know at Amazon is the impressive always cheerful Jeff Bezos  look at the sort of guy he is here. I hope he gets across the issue of UK corporation tax paying too.
Verdict 9/10 but  may wish to appear more Human.
2) Kwik-Fit - Kwik Fit work in a sector where expectations are not high (car repairs specifically items like replacement  Tyres , exhausts and batteries) - Kwik fit too (in my experience) have exceeded expectations, getting my tyres faster than anticipated and they explaining billing and their staff are courteous. It places great emphasis on training of staff.
Verdict 9/10 grweat staff but needs to retain focus on it's core values (service and brand leadership in this sector)  having lost it's charismatic founder some years ago this will likely be a challenge particularly as it's (retail) ownership has already changed a couple of times and is now in the hands of the faceless sounding Japanese ITOCHU Corporation.
3) BT -BT have been trying to upgrade/deliver their broadband product as specified (by them) to me. They have some good people who work their phones but (and like J-Lo it is quite a butt) they promise more than they can deliver - have the feeling not all staff have signed up the the 21st Century and if they could go that bit further they would be a very strong Telco.
For me the work they have done has impacted badly on my service- my broadband is limping along and the move to what they tell me they can deliver (over 10 Mbps has actually seen the service go from around 3.25 to a sporadic 0.5 Mbps) - will see if they can fix in the next few days.
Verdict -5/10 they need to walk the walk - if  they say they'll call you in 24 hours it needs to be done, they need to step up to the mark, Sky are snapping at their heels.

And now number 18 The Mind

So what is the mind - It is not the physical constituent of the body but something more but how does the mind relate to the body (the mind body relationship).

If we look at the brain it is is a physical entity which we can observe but this does not explain consciousness.

You can listen to Tim Crane talking about the Mind on this podcast and addressing the issues of dualists as something of a rebuttal of the argument of  Gilbert Ryle and his disparaging  'Ghost in the machine'.