Sunday, December 09, 2012

Finally Improved Broadband Speed and #19 Change and Motion

Ah Ha  am actually able to report improved connectivity and successful  follow up from BT - it was more of  a struggle than I'd liked it to have been!
I now have in excess of 8 Mb/s which is over double the previous speed (last week) - have used this tool (as well as BT's own) to check the speed.

And Now #19 Change and Motion

Two guys from the 5th Century BC Parmenides (influenced Plato) and Heraclitus(thought to be a bit of a miserable git)  are names that stand tall in discussions of Change and Motion. Parmenides believed that change was illusory while Heraclitus held that all was change and we were in a constant flux (great phrase to use around this debate is ' you can't stand in the same river twice').
This resource is a useful one  (Heraclitus and Parmenides are here) with rather good podcasts.
And here's an (only) slightly useful video which is  quite amusing and fun.