Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter on the allotment and #10 Nature

Winter now very much with us frost today but yesterday managed a few hours down on the allotment, tasks were:

1) Turning compost - advisable to do this every couple of weeks speeds process and chance to see if 'mixture' is too dry or too wet.

2) Picked my last cabbage, and started to dig over that area - Brussels are coming along nicely

3) Planting peas - more peas grown from seed added (see left).

4) Cutting 1st year asparagus back - this is meant to be cut back November-ish to around 50cm.

5) Draining water from butt -all the rain meant water butt was overflowing!

And todays big idea is Number 10 -Nature

Nature is a large term (like History yesterday) -
Nature is allied to denote things that are 'natural' like 'Human nature'.
State of Nature is a concept associated with Thomas Hobbes (him again - he might need more research!).

Currently mention of Nature can trigger thoughts of hills and Blacks Leisure shops - but it's previously been thought of an area of danger away from civilisation it was the romantic movement which led to it's re-evaluation.