Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#21 First Cause

Number 21 First Cause

Nice explanation of First Cause here - to summarise  from those of a religious view on life this indicates there's a God by virtue that the world that man (kind) observes with his/her senses must have been brought into being by God as the 'first cause'.
Aristotle was of the mind that the universe had always existed and prime mover was something like 'pure thought'
But the argument against (from h2g2)

(1) Everything that exists has a cause

(2) The Universe exists

(3) Therefore the Universe has a cause (from 1 and 2)

(4) Nothing can cause itself

(5) Therefore the Universe was caused by something outside itself (from 3 and 4)

(6) Only God can exist outside the Universe

(7) Therefore God created the Universe (from 5 and 6)

(8) Therefore God exists

The first problem is that this means that God must have had a creator (from 1 and 8) that cannot be himself (from 4). Furthermore, 1 is undermined by modern physics, e.g. vacuum fluctuations. The argument can be rephrased in various ways, all of which fail for similar reasons.

Current/recent thinking is Big Bang (not the TV programme) is where everything came from- this is some pretty big stuff, some way away from what happens in the brain.