Monday, December 10, 2012

Thermal Socks 'Feet Heaters' being tested and #20 Determinism

Citrus Fruit 2012 

I bought some rather long socks at (£4.00) Ealing Primark yesterday, it's the first pair I've seen with a Tog rating (2.3) as I was at the allotment this morning I got a chance to test them while bonfiring/incinerating and moving citrus trees into my small greenhouse - they seem to work and I might just  get another pair or two. (Using an incinerator is great fun!)
Others are rating them too and seems you can get then at Amazon as well (£3.95 there).

And Now Number 20 Determinism

With Determinism we're again in controversy land,  is stuff pre-determined? Newton and other scientists made progress in determining laws that predicted the future and or behavior of events (like an object falling under gravity) this was disputed by Hume and further scientific discovery in the 20th Century has seen what appears to be random behaviour in sub atomic particles.
Have a think (if you want or if it is predetermined) - Nice site on the subject here.