Sunday, December 02, 2012

Christmas Carols and #12 Purpose (teleology)

On Friday night I went to the biennial event that is the RTS (London) Christmas Carol concert at St Bartholomew the Great. The church has a long history of being used for TV and film and the event is quite jolly with some popular Christmas Carols followed by food, mulled wine and chat amongst the attendees.
I learnt a few things from the Vicar this year
1) That the replacement (american) organ is going to cost around $2.0M
2) That a Rdiley Scott film, The Counselor  used the church recently, it features Cameron Diaz (described by the vicar as gorgeous) Ridley of course recently lost his brother Tony and shooting was suspended for a while due to this.
3) That the 'Carol'  Good King Wenceslsas is an Easter Hymn not really a Christmas carol.
Looking at the words of the hymns and considering the nativity story I am rather thinking that this is not the only thing that has become altered through the years even those within the church have some issues.
If you're interested in what might be facts around the life of Jesus Wikipedia is not a bad place to start you research. A factual biography and account of his life  using what history can be verified could make an interesting book.

Now number 12 (already) Purpose (Teleology)

Many people think that life is too tidy to not have some sort of purpose.

Teleology is defined as any philosophical account that holds that final causes exist in nature, meaning that design and purpose analogous to that found in human actions are inherent also in the rest of nature.
Here's a bit of a taster on the theme

Podcast on the subject Teleology here.