Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tate Modern

The Way Out

or is this it or the way back?
War Art (Vietnam)
One of Bridget's


There's rather a good series of TV programmes I'm catching up with on BBC iplayer at the moment it's narrated and presented by Brian Cox and is about some of the products that helped with the british economy and empire particularly in the 19th Century it's called. The series is called Addicted to Pleasure and the first show was about Sugar which almost neatly brings me to the Tate Modern (financed I suppose by the deadly Sugar).  
The Tate Modern is an amazing place and during the week out of school holidays  it's not too busy.   
Just across from St. Pauls via what used to be the wobbly bridge is this cathedral to modern art.
There's a lot to see but I try to avoid getting too much of a cultural overload.
Some things I noted were
1) Picasso pictures are very recognizable and perhaps somewhat of a kind.
2) Mondrian are interesting from a psychological point in terms of how the brain works from what  I read on the notes there.
3) Bridget Riley's Op art is engaging and looks like it was designed to be LP cover art (Like Faust LP here).
Some snaps here and some  Names that I noted were
Joseph Beuys (German Fluxus) - great use of an Ironing board!
John Heartfield -German anti Nazi and pioneer in use of photo-montage.
Lee Ufan -Korean Artist (blue and yellow one down the bottom was by him).
Gerhard Richter - 80 years old still going strong- his are what I'd describe as the messy ones

There's currently an exhibition on the third floor that shows some of the recent genrés of modern art and there are a lot of them with what seem to be shorter and shorter half lives.

Wrapping stuff

Is it art ?

I know what I like