Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Vine planting and #14 Being

Soaking first
The planted vine
 Yesterday I received Lakemont Vine that my brother had kindly given me for my birthday. After soaking roots and digging a hole  in the ground  which I then lined with compost I planted as directed with the union well clear of the soil. Hoping to have some grapes and in a year or two and then  will start the Chateau Ealing.
One of the things I remember from my horticultural course it that dead slaves were buried by vines as a good source of Nitrogen - hopefully this will not implicate me in the future. You can find out more about the history of growing wine in UK here.

No 14 is Being

This thing  being is a big topic gfor philosophy and Ontology is the posh word for it- it's all about things existing or not
There's a debate (which won't surprise you too much) this one is between the seemingly down to earth realists and nominalists who are far from being realists and think it's only in the name.
Parmenides  (born around 515 BC)  is a big name in the field of Ontology - see him represented in the pictureon the  left - this is a detail from a work famous to many Philosophers/Philosophy students and it's called 'The School of Athens' it's got a lot to it take a look further at this guy Andrew May's account here.
And here's an explanation- ish of Ontology