Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tate Modern -Not everyone will be taken into the future

A series of interesting rooms about Utopia, Dreams and Fear

Great to get out and take some pictures yesterday - my destination was Tate Modern and while I was there I saw an exhibition I really enjoyed it featured the work of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov  and was titled -Not everyone will be taken into the future .

The exhibition resonated with me - it told of what was at the time a determined drive for artistic independence by Ilya Kabakov.
When Ilya started his independent work  it was a time when this was not an path  in the Soviet Union.

There was something about the exhibition that reminded me of both visits to the Museum of Innocence (Somerset House) and Meschac Gaba (Tate Modern) - it has made me think of how I might 'curate' some sort of collection of my own memories.

I liked that although work on show was conceptual in some respects there was craft on show too.

Although Tate exhibitions like this prohibit photography a fair amount of snapping seemed to be going on with mobile phones (tip to these people, turn off the audible shutter click).

Here are some pictures of the exhibition- the pans reminded me of something I saw at the Saatchi some time back.

Liberation in returning party membership 
Some work looked at communal living in t
he soviet era

Revisiting and refreshing 
Are we the Lilliputians?

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