Thursday, January 25, 2018

RTS London session on BBC World Service TV expansion

Introducing a BBC World Service TV presentation

Last night at an  RTS meeting which was largely a presentation from  BBC World Service team on their  current TV expansions.

BBC' World service profile  is sometimes on the up and sometimes on the low.
I was at Basys (A pioneer in 'Computer Newsroom' Technology)   during a big Arabic push when MLTS technology was being introduced to help with 'multi-byte' characters  also was part of a  Pilat Media team  when the project was to   some clever scheduling which included remote control of Wegner digital receivers.

Yesterday it was all about spending a Foreign Office (FO) cash allocation (£290 m over 4 years I think was the figure given) - the target is to reach another 80 million listeners/viewers.

There's been quite a bit of recruitment for the World Service of late (many outside of the UK) 950 new recruits now and another 400 to come.

We heard from a team of BBC types who spoke about their branding and partner arrangement  - focused on Asia (mainly India but also Korea) and Russia - areas where the BBC & FO perceive a deficit of unbiased News. There's also a push in Africa with new Radio services in the Horn of Africa.

Questions were raised by the audience around censorship and being 'even-handed' in coverage for India/Pakistan.

Amazing to see how much building is going on in the vicinity of  ITV's London centre (near Waterloo).

New buildings -More Flats I anticipate - while  Street sleepers numbers continue to increase

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