Sunday, January 28, 2018

More Photo-Shopping at Richmond School of Art

Richmond has some lovely views across the Thames

Richmond really is a lovely spot and Photoshop course at Richmond School of Art is a great excuse to visit the town - must say that although software package is slightly intimidating I'm getting quite enthused with tuning and altering pictures I've taken.

Being spoilt  by great Apple machines in Richmond

We're very much a mixed ability class and I'm sure we'rte our challenge for our teacher.

Roughly speaking we're having some time to get to know a little of the s/ware before embarking on projects - I'm hoping to pop into the library at the college sometime this week  to get more familiarisation  with the application .

Richmond (RHACC) was at one time a Girl.s school but now offers a nice mixture of adult learning courses across the Arts.

The facility has as well as plenty of practically based courses a business school - (where I did a Social Media course last summer).

Former use of the facility 

Photo'  - Calling out for some 'tuning'


Disappointed  that rather than make Mea Culpa - 'Hands Up' guv'nor  declaration David Cameron chose to say it's bad but could be worse

In truth Tories made a bad mistake with May - Brexit project is not hers and while she continues to act as though she's  a lost soul in purgatory with the twin troubles of  no leadership ability or empathy  negotiators in Europe  will try and make it up as they go along.

Next election when it comes is likely to be between two new leaders (my view is that Corbyn will be far too old at 72), if Momentum continues it's ascendancy (rather too much like Militant 2.0 for me I'm afraid)  could be that Labour are un-electable and I'm of the mind that it's still hard to rule out Boris in No. 10!
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