Wednesday, January 03, 2018

New Year- New Tech

Talking to Ian (Happy 50th) over Christmas I realised that I need to get on-board with the latest in home tech (where you can use voice control and/or interact with voice only).
Google Home Mini- Joining the 21st Century 

I've ordered the Google Mini and been checking out what it'll do, fear I might need a newer phone to set it up but I think in tech terms a phone over 5 years old is prehistoric.


Seems odd that Toby Young  (Journalist for Spectator who few have a positive word for) has been given a job he's not suitable for, perhaps an indication that the NHS being unable to manage the (surprise?) arrival of winter does not disqualify Jeremy Hunt MP (having to apologise for NHS failing to meet the needs of the population, presumable he and his colleagues are to blame?)  as a possible for the job of Deputy PM.

Similarly as David Davis  MP and Dr Liam Fox MP continue to struggle with their portfolios the even further out of his depth Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson MP is rumoured to be in line for a role in the Brexit negotiations - seems (still) that Mrs May MP PM continues to put petty party matters above those of the UK.

The Positives & Thanks

Well done to Nationwide for getting a replacement Debit Card to me in super quick time - very impressed.

Managed to pass on a  book that I got a  more up to date version of this Christmas (501 Must See Films) to Oxfam Books.

Bought a Tin of Soup while at Tescos for Food Bank at (Ealing).

Thanks for People who helped me when I stumbled (Physically) at Cambridge Circus - amazed at these kind folk.

[Weight check 11st 2 lbs]

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