Friday, January 05, 2018

Art Riot at the Saatchi Gallery

The Lovely Gallery

As it was sometime since I'd been to the Saatchi Gallery in (Chelsea) and as the current exhibition is drawing to an end (Art Riot-ends on 7th January) I decided to make a trip over there.

First thing to say is that apart from it making me think again ab out 'What is Art?' it focused my thoughts on how Russia post the end of the Soviet Union continues to be problematic and somewhat authoritarian under it's present rulers and system of government -is it Putin or the desire for Mother Russia that has been co-opted by today's Politicians there?

Having seen a number of exhibitions commemorating the Russian Revolution I am forced to address the question of the identity of Russia as being, in terms of a state/country not revelling in a 'Free' society in many ways.

Despite many issues in the UK (and the USA) the west does appear more able to accommodate dissent  and debate.

Russian Art
Emblematic of the resistance to Putin and his fellow travellers are Pussy Riot and looking at their work it is clear that they have suffered persecution and inhumane treatment during their imprisonment.

Another artist featured Oleg Kulik has made 'Performance' type statements which are shown - and there is much here that reminds us of the Ancient Greek philosopher  Diogenes and his Dog like behaviour .

Pussy Riot - a loose group committed to Freedom 

There is much in the exhibition about protest including a reenactment of an interrogation.

Also troubling are pictures that show an artist (Petr Pavlensky) with testicles nailed to the ground surrounded by barbed wire.

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