Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Eudaimonia and Tory Odds

Very pleasant today (although cold)  and as well as meeting a friend for a cup of coffee I spent some time looking at trees laid bare by the season.

Lovely trees (part 1)

And even more winter trees in Ealing

After this reflecting on 'Good Life' (useful as Thursday be looking at Aristotle and Virtue at City Lit Moral Philosophy class).

Sadly (in some respects) you can't (according to these smart Ancient Greek guys) have 'Good Life' (or more accurately  Eudaimonia ) without constantly working at it - but you can form 'good habits' and draw on 'Exemplar's  around you -

Some clips (each less then 10 minutes) here if you're interested.

1. Aristotle and Virtue Theory.
2. The Good life Aristotle. 
3. Aristotle on Ethics, Happiness and Virtue.

The Current Odds (advisedly)  in Next Tory Leadership Race..

So on this topic Tories are internally beating themselves up about their  leadership (party and Country)
If you're after some light relief on the topic ...

The Runners and Riders

Bookies  parading of  Tory Next Leadership Odds make one look like motorway  car crash  seeing that Jacob Rees-Mogg is favourite (perhaps not the right word?)  and that bringing up the rear are a plethora of  what could be described as 'outsiders' like the untroubled by reality Ian Duncan-Smith at 150-1  and the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage at 250-1, strangely comforting that reality takes a break here (we hope).

And fantasy land (we trust) - good to see Cameron ahead of Farage!

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