Friday, January 12, 2018

Living in the Future 2 -Android Phone Honor 6x

In fact I did think quite a bit about getting a new phone in 2017, far from essential but felt that having chosen Windows 6 or so years ago I was getting left behind with many 'Apps' not on this type of phone.

Honor 6 - I set my limit at £200
So set an upper price of £200 and found what seemed a good all rounder with the Honor 6x.

BT Mobile provide a smaller SIM

Amazing that online orders come so promptly I got this via Debenhams and having ordered it on Friday it arrived (post free!) Monday lunchtime.

What I hadn't anticipated was the need to get another SIM card - this time a 'nano' -so again amazingly prompt service (from BT Mobile) a new SIM card Wednesday in the post.

What I hadn't realised was why people get so attached to these devices - they do all a computer does but on the move and Android integrates into Google home so I can 'cast' from phone to TV.

Google Maps very useful too - still learning about it.


.. really is the news story that keeps giving Farage (he really is an  attention seeker) calls for another referendum - which makes me instinctively reject the idea and Peter Stringfellow leaves Tories  because he's against the destination of travel, what next!
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