Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Living in the Future 1 -Google Home

Welcome to the future -Google Home Mini

It's quite easy to be a voice of doom and also take things for granted  - are things getting better?

Well in some ways we're living in the greatest of times  (or at least what would have felt like Utopia 50 years ago).

The idea of calling up video by voice on your TV seems like something out of Star Trek but now it's an every day thing.

I've just got a Google Home Mini and along with a new mobile phone (more about that soon) I've been able to call out videos that appear (as if by magic) on my 40" colour LCD display - how cool is that?

I can also ask for Jokes, News and the Weather - am going to get more gadgets soon too (hopefully allowing me to turn more devices on and off).

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