Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Watch out for 'withheld' callers & Cinema in Ealing - an alternative exhibition..

Yesterday while carrying out 'Ironing duties' I was called by someone pretending to be a Police officer he asked for 'a Mrs Bourne' and  when I asked him why the number was withheld and what he wanted with a Mrs Bourne he told me to F*** off  and he rang off .

Watch out for these are undoubtedly no good johnnies and'll  be up to no good I'm sure - here are several someones with similar experiences to mine  - seems that fixed phones are becoming increasingly just a vehicle for irritation-mongers to pester us by

Photos of Cinema 

When I was taking photo's for exhibition for the OPEN Ealing Photography course one of the topics I considered was 'Cinema' if you say Ealing to many people an automatic leap is made to the movies.

While the Studios continue to function sadly the cinema has all but disappeared from many residents lives since I first moved to the borough.

About 35 years ago there were 2 cinemas in Northfield avenue one building remains (now a church) the other has been knocked down and become flats  (now Lido House ).

More recently we've lost the cinema opposite the Town Hall and due to a series of errors and business decisions the site still remains derelict.

Well here are the pictures I could have used ..

What we're left with-  a chance to see films in a club.. 

How not to rebuild a cinema 'now showing' just by Ealing Town Hall.

A Summer cinema atop of a car park in Ealing is a viewing venue

The home of Ealing Cinema - complete with a blue plaque to a Michael Balcon

The production complex shows an iconic St. Trinian's image
A Northfields Avenue church that was once an Art-deco  Cinema complete with organ

The detail from a former picture palace preserved in a car park!

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