Monday, December 15, 2014

More Philosophy (in Ealing this time) and the 'Information Age' at Science Museum

I'm keen to keep my interest in Philosophy alive and after having seen a TV programme (via You Tube) about Heidegger I moved on to Sartre who is (I would say) linked - and found another useful piece of background from the BBC ( it's about 50 minutes long).

And  I have decided to enrol in a more local Philosophy course, this one's held at Perceval House as part of the Ealing Adult Learning programme and is called Philosophy for All, it includes from the information sent quite a bit including  the history of Western philosophy and how the arguments and ideas of philosophers from the Pre-Socratics onwards still have relevance today.
A selection of courses within

I'm hoping that a different perspective from the one I've been exposed to so far will provide further insights and a little more on the history around the canon as the course covers thinkers from the history of philosophy such as The Pre-Socratics: Pythagoras, Heraclitus (famous for his statement around change and standing in the same river twice) and others.

The syllabus indicates that we'll also  cover Theories of human nature from Hobbes and Rousseau as well as Hegel, Nietzsche, De Beauvoir and Arendt (quite a rich mix).

Course students are also promised some teaching around The Kyoto School and the  Cognitive theories of consciousness and Epistemology.

More on The science Museum

Well as I mentioned I'd had a good look at The Science Museum and its focus on Photography at the end of last week.
Samaritans memorabilia moved me 

It's worth noting how good the Information age on Floor 2 is as well.

Very good multi-screen exposure about the 'Our World' (1967)  programme the fist Global TV show using satellite technology to bounce signals around the globe famously featuring The Beatles performing 'All you need is Love'.

I also liked the area devoted to The Samaritans and Mathematical tools.

Tools for mathematics through the years

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