Tuesday, December 09, 2014

OPEN Ealing - Photography Exhibition time

Great to see some actual prints (of mine) in this electronic world.

Well yesterday marked the end of the first version of the OPEN  Ealing Digital Photography course and I'm sure that those behind the course will have got some good ideas for a version 2 of the course should it get the go-ahead.

What I would note reflecting on it is that a trick was missed on weeks 1 and 2 in issuing a course outline, goals etc. and the Flickr Group account could have been there from day one.

Having said that despite the lack of numbers and loose structure I really enjoyed it immensely and have been energized to take more pictures, be more critical of them and take the hobby further.

Yesterday there was a small exhibition held and although it offered only a tiny window of opportunity to showcase some photo's it was very pleasurable - I can only imagine  the buzz a top class practitioner gets from a big show with  crowds looking at their work.
Cameras lovely cameras

I was quite happy with my pictures and the nature of a physical  artefact (a print in this case) lends some legitimacy to the endeavour - I hope that I can offer at least one of my pictures to a new home when the three are presented back to me.

Also nice at the same event  to have the chance to sample excellent (artisan I suppose) cheeses from Cheddar Deli (of Northfields Avenue) and to see the fine artist and human Nick Pearson (great insight into his career here) who I reminded of the need for an OPEN  Design Course to be given  by him.

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