Friday, December 12, 2014

About Ealing -walking from Brentford

Yesterday I was required to take my ageing car for it's annual MOT and service as I'd got my camera with me I took a few pictures along the way - first thing to note was the (Brentford) buildings (this includes Brentford Tower) that are shooting up - this is going to change the area fairly dramatically.

Just part of the building work on the way to Brentford F.C.

After quite a few months the pub that is known as The Ealing Park Tavern seems to be functioning again have had some nice meals there and hope it is now returned to a good place for celebratory meals.
The Ealing Park Tavern is back - it was the very essence of a Gastro' Pub (and that's no bad thing to be)

After The Ealing Park Tavern (proceeding in a northerly  direction as officers of the law might say) I arrived at The University of West London (as it is now known).

I had not noticed before the plaque to Lady Byron of Lord Byron) she founded Ealing Grove School in 1834 in what was  the first 'industrial school' of its type.
The Byron Plaque

In  1860 (after Lady Byron's death) C. N. Atlee, a former headmaster of the Lady Byron school set up the Byron House School in St. Mary's Road this  has evolved through the years  into the present-day University of West London and the blue plaque there is  dedicated to  her and the pioneering, enlightened approach to education she is associated with.

The present day University

Philosophical Footnote: having heard Heidegger being 'slagged off''  earlier in the I week have been trying to find out more about his perspective - watched this  film the excellently titled/described ' A film about Martin Heidegger's Philosophy' which may or may not reflect a standpoint he took - enjoyed it and good to see that Hubert Dreyfuss  who was interviewed by Bryan Magee for a TV show on him retained his enthusiasm for the man many years later 
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