Sunday, December 21, 2014

Down on the plot along with BBC and BT adapting to the future

Sprouts for Christmas anyone?

Fruit trees have a mulch.

Yesterday after some time tidying in the garden, leaf collection , securing Bird nester and trimming I was on Plot 202 not for long but did really like the experience of being out and about on anice winter's day.
Down on Plot 202 - the last of 2014?

Put some wood chippings/mulch around fruit trees and picked some sprouts -could be the last time I'm on the site for 2014, I hope not.

BT and rights issue

Well my first introduction to the world of shares and more particularly 'The Right Issue'  was I think (and this is going to sound bad) buying my dad's allocation of Nat. West (I think) shares when I was at University - didn't really have a clue what it was about but did recognise it as a purchase at a sub market price - I now know a little more and the fact that BT needs to borrow to fund a mobile purchase is not surprising but it is heavily market dependent and not sure how the market will react at the time if happens.

BT does need to get a mobile string to its bow but this is not without risk - I overheard some people who seem to work in Telecoms and their conversation was all about reactions from competitors.

BBC 3 TV to fold (i.e. 'go on-line') 

Well the end (I would say) of BBC 3 is confirmed and BBC 4 is at risk too.

I can see the logic in the BBC pulling it's Digital TV channel aimed at the Youth & Young people section of the population in favour of a Plus One of its mass market offering BBC 1.

The question though of approving is a very different one - BBC 3 has done some interesting things, some have made their way to the main networks others have merely made ripples that have gone beyond the immediate audience.

The idea that a BBC 3 can flourish in a purely  on-line existence is naive, TV on that big thing in the living room is a different experience and although convergence may have made it less so there's a real danger that a BBC 3 without a place in the EPG is lost in a great lake of content - schedule does remain important.

And the BBC 1 Plus - well I think it diminishes the BBC, IPlayer and repeats mean that many of us can catch what we missed  (and that won't be sport and 'event' TV) without resorting to time shift channels.

 E4 and a host of other UK channels recognises  a young audience and the BBC should too
Ideally an alternative to commercial TV should be there for all and that includes TV for the Youth, in the shape of  BBC 3.
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