Thursday, December 04, 2014

Conflict Time Photography and 1b) recycling Fasion

Lord Olivier in Statue
On Tuesday I walked across from Holborn to The Tate Modern by the river, it was a coolish day but dry and pleasant.

The reason for my walk was to take a look at the Tate's exhibition 'Conflict Time Photography' it's an impressive show and made me reflect on the printing I'd been looking at earlier in the week, some of the prints on show were both large and impressively detailed not sure what machines are used to do this but they must be quite something.

Unusually I only spent time in the exhibition rather than looking at other new or favourite works which perhaps gives you some idea of the scope and power of what's on show.
It certainly takes time

The exhibition is structured (mainly) around time after the height of the action in war zones.

Some of the photographers who caught my eye were Sophie Ristelhueber (Fait) and Hiromi Tsuchida's moving images from the Hiroshima aftermath but really there are far too many powerful images to mention here.

1b) Miyake's recycled materials 

The second object an alternative starting point for The Design Collection is Issy Miyake's dress made from recycled materials this makes us aware of the designer's ability to shape opinion (here on the the intent to reduce the use of resources).
Recycled dress

Miyake as a recognised name is able to make a statement in more than just a dress but also in the selection of material, arguments could be made on if this is 'Green washing' but regardless of the volition one can admire the craftsmanship and  style.

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