Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yet another Ealing Gazette Picture of the Week (#10 The Avenue Antiques Market)

Well it was a few months back that The Avenue in West Ealing had it's first 'Antique market' and today (Saturday) is the last one of 2014 - they seem to have been successful and today's attempts to harness the Christmas fervour is the biggest so far.
Today - It's expanded up beyond the Drayton Court

This is in fact the fourth Saturday market and they've been so lucky with the weather hope they are too in 2015 (Seems odd to start mentioning 2015)

It was good also to see that The Ealing Gazette keep my pictures on file and has put my September picture of the market into service (perhaps that's what's attracted the new punters).
And in the sunny days a few months ago (is it the same guy?)

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